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Arab Financial Inclusion Day: Day

Amana Cooperative Insurance Company issues its prospectus for the upcoming rights issue of Saudi Riyals 100 Million

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تدعو شركة أمانة للتأمين التعاوني مساهميهاإلى حضور اجتماع الجمعية العامة غير العادية المتضمنة زيادة رأس مال الشركة (الاجتماع الثالث)

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تعلن شركة أمانة للتأمين التعاوني عن نتائج اجتماع الجمعية العامة غير العادية المتضمنة زيادة رأس مال الشركة (الاجتماع الثالث)

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انتهاء فترة التداول في حقوق أولوية أمانة للتأمين التعاوني اليوم الإثنين تاريخ (06/06/1440هـ) الموافق (11/02/2019م) واستمرار الاكتتاب حتى يوم الخميس تاريخ (09/06/1440هـ) الموافق (14/02/2019م)

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Amana joins the Reconciliation Center

Amana Cooperative Insurance Company is proud to announce becoming a member of the Reconciliation Center at the General Secretariat of the Committees for Resolution of Insurance Disputes and Violations and that in conformity with the agreement signed on 14/4/2019 .
The Reconciliation Center will provide an alternative instrument for dealing with claims related disputes filed against insurance companies, in accordance with the procedures and controls stipulated in H.E. the Finance Minister’s decree number 9520 dated 3/11/1439 H

Digital Wellness and Self-Service Health Insurance Mobile Application

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Arab Financial Inclusion Day – April 27, 2021

Amana Cooperative Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance solutions designed to meet the special needs of its corporate and individual clients alike. Amana Cooperative Insurance portfolio provides a variety of products that cover health insurance, vehicle insurance, property insurance, fire insurance, freight insurance, engineering insurance and others. It is a specialized insurance that covers activities of various business sectors. For more details